Who are we?

Barbara Dent nee Kelly is a direct descendant of Bennelong and Polly the Traditional Custodians of the Bellinger Valley.

She is also a proud Miimi (mother) to five children and Baabany (Grandmother) to five grandchildren.
Barbara currently lives on country along the Mid North Coast of NSW, after spending most of her early childhood through to late 40s on Dharug country in Western Sydney, NSW.

This is where her work life journey begun, she has had the privilege to gain over 20 years’ worth of knowledge, experience and exposure in employment, education and training. Barbara is passionate about using her skillset to continue to increase opportunities for her people.

Through Modern Indigenous, generational change is a key focus for Barbara to create a playground for creativity, knowledge sharing, empowerment and to provide opportunities for her people and community.

    Our Shared Story

Modern Indigenous was founded with a shared vision to create and improve equitable outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Barbara and Frank have a shared vision for creating positive engagement, and meaningful change to increase Aboriginal outcomes and improve community wealth.

We actively promote and drive economic participation through:
• Procurement of goods and services into out supply chain from other Indigenous businesses
• Employment and Training Opportunities for Indigenous people
• Promotion of other Indigenous businesses and talent
• Capacity and Capability building when choosing to engage with Indigenous businesses and talent

Modern Indigenous strives to be an enabler that creates Aboriginal wealth and prosperity for our communities.


Artwork by Lisa Kelly

"The two round circles represent Barb and Frank.
The Owl is for wisdom and knowledge, the Eagle is for strength to fly high and keep an eye on everything.
The two are joined by the blue line with the different patterns along it meaning the journeys of both to get to where you are now. The top and bottom borders represent the gaagal (ocean). The swirls are for the wind which will carry abundance for the company to spread to the community. The small circles with the blue colours are the Evil Eye which protects from negative energy and bring good fortune. The middle represents the team, working together as one and growing in abundance to support each other on this journey."

Anthony Lew-Fatt is an Arrernte man from south of Alice Springs. His upbringing on country strengthened his appreciation for his connection to home and drove his desire to create positive change. As a husband and father, he enjoys spending quality time with his family on his homelands. Anthony's passion for building effective relationships with both First Nations and non-First Nations people in business and careers led him to create Cultural Journeys. He aims to help people achieve their goals and create a better way forward for everyone.

Our Mission
Improve Indigenous wealth by creating economic participation and driving positive outcomes amongst our First Nations communities.

Our Vision
Collaboratively work with like-minded companies to create and build dynamic spaces together that connect and respect the land, culture on which we work, live and play on.

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Our Mission